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To Host the Fall/Spring District Conference


To host either Fall or Spring District III Convention, your school must have registered and answered roll call at the afternoon session of the last two conferences preceding the election conference. The candidate host school must have filed required paperwork with the Vice-President school postmarked on or before January 20th.  It is HIGHLY encouraged that paperwork be submitted electronically and a read receipt is requested.

This letter should identify tentative dates and facilities to be used as well as tentative conference plans for the schedule. Dates for spring conferences must be no later than one (1) week prior to TASC deadlines for state reports. In the event that no school has filed a letter to host the fall or spring conventions for the upcoming year by January 20, the District Executive Board will either establish a new filing deadline or select a host school from among the board.


All schools applying for host school shall be prepared to assume the duties of the appointed position, if selected, and carry out duties as outlined in the Constitution of District III in a responsible, efficient manner.

PLEASE READ the D3 hosting policy carefully before applying to host.

Application to Host

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