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TASC Memorial Scholarship Fund


One of the most exciting track events is the relay because the outcome depends not just on individual talent and effort but also on teamwork.  The winning team is determined by who crosses the finish line first with the baton.  The relay finds its roots in the early Greek torch races in which the winner was determined by who crossed the finish line first with the torch still burning. 


Many have gone before us in TASC, and they have passed the torch to us.  Our job is to leave it burning brighter than it was before. 


Donations to the scholarship fund recognize and honor those who gave their time and effort to making TASC better than it was when they found it.


Tax deductible donations may be sent to TASC.  Please indicate the following when making a donation:

  • The person in whose name a donation is being made

  • The name and address of the friend or family member who should be notified of the donation (if known)

  • Your name and address


When donations total $500 or more in any one year, an additional scholarship will be added.  A total of less than $500 in a given year will be added to the general scholarship fund.


Terry Hamm, Director

Texas Association of Student Councils


1833 South IH 35 

Austin, Texas 78741

512-443-2100 Ext. 233

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