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TASC District III Top Project Recogntion


Each year, TASC District III will recognize the most outstanding projects performed by local D3 councils. Student councils may submit their best project using the format outlined in the submission form. Submissions will be judged by a committee chaired by the D3 Parliamentarian school and 2 or more schools represented by an Advisor, and 1 student. This recognition area is available to all D3 member schools. Up to ten individual council awards will be presented to D3 High School councils.

TASC State Report Forms

We would like to recognize schools having achieved recognition in Pride & Patriotism, Community Service, DASH (drug, alcohol, safety & health education), Energy & Environment, and Outstanding Student Council.  

Congratulations to each award winning school (2022-2023 Reporting Year)!  Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

***Forms are verified at the D3 Spring Conference.***

Community Service

Job well done!  District 3 has contributed the following to our local, state, national, and global communities.

2022 - 2023

Money donated: $61,3218.00

Service hours: 103,592 (@ minimum wage = $751,042.00) 

Value of goods donated: $648,512.00

Cumulative (2017-2023)

Money donated: $2,716,113.82

Service hours: 606,881.70 (@ minimum wage = $4,399,892.33)

Value of goods donated: $6,219,449.50

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